I can not yet even describe it to myself

Gander, Ryan
Ryan Gander’s artworks materialise in many different forms, including sculpture, film, writing, graphic design, installation and performance. Through associative thought processes that connect the everyday and the obscure, the overlooked and the commonplace, he questions language, knowledge and how art is created. His work can be reminiscent of a puzzle or a network, with multiple connections and hidden clues to be deciphered that encourage viewers to make their own associations and invent their own narratives. I can not yet even describe it to myself, 2020, takes the form of a box of A-Level Art and Design exam papers for the year 2027 written, as Gander puts it, ‘from the perspective that the world is populated by artists that understand, and are honest about, their own impetus for making artworks’. The stack of papers, housed in a modest A4 paper packaging box, are to be left near to the door of an exhibition space and are free to be taken away by visitors. The piece is an investigation into how each of us define success in our very personalised and varied value systems, and how our transparency in that pursuit of success is altered with the privilege of hindsight.
  • Artwork Details: 30 x 22 x 26cm
  • Edition: 2 of 3 + 1 AP
  • Material description: Cardboard box, printed documents
  • Credit line: © the artist. Gift of the artist, 2021
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC29/2020



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