Freddy's Friends

Moran, Katy
Katy Moran’s thick, gestural brushstrokes and creamy colours hover between abstraction and suggestions of figuration. She obtains her source images from the internet by entering words into computer search engines, making quick, intuitive selections and printing out numerous copies of the selected images. The print-outs are then turned upside down in order to further obscure the original image and, using these as inspiration, she paints until new figurative imagery begins to appear, enabling her to discover ‘the essence of the colour and contrasts’ that initially interested her. As she notes: ‘I often disrupt the act of painting to introduce chance elements and intensify the already unpredictable behaviour of the fluid medium.’ The title of this work is a reference to a first birthday party which Moran had attended for a friend’s son called Freddy. She recalled that the house, which was full of babies, toys and colour, had a ‘fairytale quality’, which she aimed to reflect in her painting.
  • Artwork Details: 3 parts, total, 46 x 117.2cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: acrylic on canvas
  • Credit line: © the artist and Stuart Shave / Modern Art
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Painting
  • Accession number: ACC25/2006



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