Hockney, David
Gregory Evans was a companion and model of Hockney's from the 1970s. He was hung-over after a night out in London when Hockney drew this portrait. In notes for the Arts Council Collection on the print's purchase, Hockney wrote: ''It is an etching drawn directly on to copper plates from life, using a technique I learned from Aldo Cromm[e]lynk in Paris, who had derived it from Picasso… normally to make a two colour print like this one, would require working from a drawing (not life) to separate the colours… his… technique makes this not necessary and enables one to be spontaneous using as many colours as one needs.'
  • Artwork Details: Paper Size, 91 x 70.4cm Print Size, 68.7 x 54cm
  • Edition: (Artist's proof V; edition of 75)
  • Material description: etching
  • Credit line: © David Hockney
  • Theme: Portrait
  • Medium: Print
  • Accession number: AC 1556



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