Over the Horizon

Richardson, Emily
Emily Richardson’s films explore our relationship to personal histories and the spaces we inhabit. Traversing a diverse range of landscapes – including empty East London streets, forests, North Sea oil fields, post-war tower blocks and Cold War military facilities – her works offer a dazzling deconstruction of place and time. They focus the mind and eye on detail, finding transcendence and emotion in everyday subject matter. Over the Horizon, 2012 takes its name from a failed radar system which was developed on Orford Ness in Suffolk, UK during the Cold War. The building that once housed it and its field of aerials are now used to broadcast the BBC World Service to Europe. The film revisits the site of Richardson’s earlier work Cobra Mist, 2008 and through photographs and sound explores the memory of a place, the remnants of history and evidence of stories true or rumoured.
  • Artwork Details: running time: 20 minutes
  • Edition: 1 of 3 + 2 AP
  • Material description: HD video
  • Credit line: © the artist. Image courtesy of the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Film and Audio Visual
  • Accession number: ACC38/2019



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