real cutting

Barker, Sara
"real cutting is made with metal, cardboard, plywood, paints and fillers - I am often preoccupied with using a material atypically- with paint not quite adhering to the surface, metal appearing very light and flimsy. The work is made with slim metal rods and shards of aluminium cut from larger painted sheets (the title refers directly to these processes). It is in sections, bolted and glued together simply, its construction forming a kind of Meccano. Unadorned rods are functionally assembled, but fail in their attempts at right angles, as the unyielding shapes fail under their own weight. The slightness of the metal rod, means that the rectangles droop and sag almost animatedly." Sara Barker
  • Artwork Details: 140 x 52 x 26cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Stainless steel round bar, aluminium sheet, various paints
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC10/2012



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