2005 - Size Matters

Size Matters: Exploring scale in the Arts Council Collection

Size Matters considered the way in which artists have experimented with scale in recent British art. It brought together recent sculpture, painting and photography representing recognisable objects that had undergone a disorientating shift in size. Featuring chairs of dollhouse proportions and a postage stamp enlarged to the size of a billboard, the exhibition prompted the viewer to feel gigantic and tiny in turns. Despite the playful, participatory nature of the exhibition, Size Matters posed serious questions as to why scale is so important in art. The exhibition included work by Eric Bainbridge, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Abigail Lane, and Elizabeth Wright among others.


Tour details

Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield (19 Mar – 5 Jun 2005)

Millais Gallery, Southampton Institute, Southampton (1 Jul – 20 Aug 2005)

Djanogly Art Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham (27 Aug - 2 Oct 2005)  

Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster (17 Oct - 25 Nov 2005)

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Norwich (4 Feb – 26 Mar 2006)

Gallery Oldham, Oldham (1 Apr – 21 May 2006)

ArtsDepot, London (1 Jun – 16 Jul 2006)





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