Revealing The Human Form

An Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition

‘Revealing the Human Form’ features 30 sculptures from internationally renowned artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Sokari Douglas-Camp and Antony Gormley, as they explore and depict the human form.

This exhibition charts the journey of human sculptural expression from the early 20th century to the modern day. See how sculptors such as Anthony Caro, Lynn Chadwick and their mid-century contemporaries responded to the economic and cultural changes of Post War Britain embracing new techniques, innovative materials and even found objects. 

Moving into the 21st century we see artists, such as Turner Prize winning Rachel Whiteread, demonstrate the broadening visual language of human representation asking us to challenge our very understanding of what it means to portray the human body.



1 April - 2 July 2023

Banbury Museum and Gallery

16 July -5 September 2023

The Burton Museum


Featured work

Rose Red City 2

Kenneth Armitage, 1981

Mandy Havers, 1977

Elisabeth Frink, 1963
Girl and Boy

Reg Butler, 1951
SimBodies Eargirl

Christine Borland, 2009
Rad Lad

Lynn Chadwick, 1961
Figure Lying on its Side (No.5)

Kenneth Armitage, 1957
Calendula's Cloak

Jann Haworth, 1967
Figure with Slats

John R. Davies, 1973
Eriabo part of Audience

Sokari Douglas Camp, 1986
Head with Blue Rabbit

Alan Grimwood, 1979
Assassins No.1

Elisabeth Frink, 1963
Woman Waking Up

Anthony Caro, 1956
Iriabo and Child part of Audience

Sokari Douglas Camp, 1986
Bust of Meum

Jacob Epstein, 1916

Sarah Lucas, 2010
Head Looking Up

Eduardo Paolozzi, 1980
Girl Drying Her Foot

Rosemary Young
Head of a King

Henry Moore, 1952
Stringed Figure

Henry Moore, 1938
Head: Lines

Henry Moore, 1955
Figure in a Setting

Leslie Thornton, 1964
Standing Figures

F.E. McWilliam, 1956
Bust of Dr. Vaughan Williams O.M.

Jacob Epstein, 1950
Standing Figure

Corinne Webb, 1958

Rebecca Warren, 2007

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