Artist A-Z

Rae, Bruce Rickards, Hannah Rogers, Martin
Rae, Fiona Riddy, John Rogers, Will
Rainer, Arnulf Rideal, Liz Rome, Richard
Ramos, Mel Ridgers, Derek Rooney, Paul
Rauschenberg, Robert Rielly, James Rose, Colin Christopher
Ravilious, Eric William Rieser, Dolf Rose, Colin J.
Rawson, Philip Rigden, Geoff Rose, Kate
Ray-Jones, Tony Riley, Bridget Rose, Rose
Read, Simon Riley, Catherine Rosenquist, James
Reason, Cyril Rivers, Ben Rosoman, Leonard
Reddick, Peter Rivers, Larry Ross, Annie
Redfern, David Robb, Brian Rosser, Elizabeth
Redfern, June Robbins, Bruce Rossi, Mario
Redon, Odilon Roberts Jones, Ivor Rot, Diter
Reedy, Carlyle Roberts, Derek Rothenstein, Michael
Rees, Dan Roberts, Julie Rothschild, Eva
Rego, Paula Roberts, Martin Rothwell, Vivien
Reid, Nan Roberts, Perry Rouault, Georges
Reinhardt, Ad Roberts, William Rough, Gary
Relph, Nick Robertson, Carol Round, Giles
Renshaw, Tim Robertson, Helen Roussel, Theodore
Reus, Magali Robertson, Iain Rowntree, Kenneth
Reynolds, Abigail Robilliard, David Royle, David
Reynolds, Alan Robins, Brian Rudzinski, Andrzej
Reynolds, Daphne Robinson, Bob Rugg, Matt
Rhoades, Geoffrey Robinson, Carl Ruggaber, Karin
Rhodes, Carol Robinson, Jennifer Rummel, Max
Rhodes, Lis Robinson, Jenny Ruscha, Edward
Rhys James, Shani Robinson, Peter Rushton, Emma
Rice, Bernard Robinson, Sheila Russell, Bruce
Richards, Ceri Robinson, Valerie Russell, Robert
Richards, Cullinan Robson, Julien Russo, Karen
Richards, James Rock, Mick Rutherford Laboratories
Richards, Paul Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy Rutherford, Eric
Richardson, Emily Rodger, George Rutherford, Meg
Richardson, Kelly Rodin, Auguste Rutherston, Albert
Richardson-Jones, Keith Rodney, Donald Ruthi, Andreas
Richmond, Oliffe Rogers, Claude Ryan, Veronica
Rickaby, Tony Rogers, E. Jane Ryder, Philip

The Arts Council Collection is the UK's most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art.

With more than 8,000 works by over 2,000 artists, it can be seen in exhibitions and public displays across the country and beyond. This website offers unprecedented access to the Collection, and information about each work can be found on this site.